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Digital Strategy Printables Bundle

Digital Strategy Printables Bundle

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Outline and implement the digital strategy of your business with this pack of 20 printables. It covers 4 categories including: your online presence (i.e. your website, blog or store), your social media, blog and mailing list. This bundle will make growing your business online a breeze and is packed with sheets you will want to refer to time after time. ​

Here's What's Included in the Pack:

Category 1: Your Website

1. Branding guidelines - keep track of your colors, fonts and stock photos.

2. Website Visitor Stats - you can't grow what you aren't tracking. Record your stats for a year and see the strides forward you are making.

3. Media/Guest Posting - want to grow your biz through PR, then track what publications and websites you have approached and where you are in the process.

4. Website Changes - know you want to make a change to your website? Jot it down on this sheet so you always know where you are.  

5. Products/Services Planner - keep all your ideas for courses, ebooks, products and services in one handy place.

6. Income Tracker - if you set goals for your income you know where you are heading and therefore more likely to reach your destination. This helps you track month on month.

7. Goal Setting Planner - the same is true for goals. Use this planner sheet across the year to set and achieve your goals.

Category 2: Blogging

8. Monthly Editorial Calendar - do you know what content you want to create month on month? This planning sheet will help you meet your readers' needs.

9. Keyword Research - great keyword research will help you create content which has more chance of getting found in the search engines and read. Keep track of the keywords you want to use with this worksheet. Includes links to two further training videos.

10. Blog Post Ideas - we all have great ideas which are then gone the next second. Use this sheet to record them and then take great pleasure in ticking them off as you write them!

11. Post Planner - this post planner has everything you need in one place for that next, great blog post. 

Category 3: Social Media

12. Social Media Editorial Calendar - create your social media strategy for the month ahead with this planner.

13. Social Media Annual Stats - want to watch your social media stats increase over the year? Then record them month on month - it's hugely motivating and shows you where you need to focus.

14. Social Media Prompts - some cool ideas for seasonal events and holidays to get you planning what to write about.

15. Social Media Ideas - record your ideas for social media in one place so that you have an ideas bank to return to at any time.

16. Facebook Groups - many Facebook groups offer days when you can promote your products and services. So easy to forget that info though, so if you pop it on this sheet you will have somewhere to share what you offer every day of the week.

Category 4: List Building

17. List Subscriber Stats - if you don't know your stats you won't know how quickly your list is growing. A list that's tracked remains on track!

18. Newsletter Editorial Calendar - know what you are going to share every month with this planner - you can also tie it in with your blog posts so that you get the most exposure for the least amount of work.

19. Mailing List Funnel - you have probably heard you need a marketing funnel for your biz. This sheet will help you plan what emails you need to add into it.

20. Lead Magnet Planner - we all need great freebies we can offer to our readers to encourage them to sign up to our list. Keep all your ideas in one place with this printable.

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